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Bacar Camara

He left in the early hours of the morning with two other friends in a 39-person boat. Their families are still searching for them.

Sallé Fofana

He left Mauritania around 20th February, probably on a boat that disappeared in those days, although it is unknown.

Foray Fainah Koroma

From Mauritania, where he lived, he left on a boat for Spain on 16 January 2021. He was with other friends, on board with a total of 58 people. The whole vessel is still missing.

Ahamada Koita

The 18-year-old left Mauritania on the night of 28 December 2020 in a boat with 46 other people. His older brother has been looking for him ever since.

Koita Djegui

From Mauritania, he left in a boat with 62 people that has not been heard from again.