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Oussama Tayeb

Young Algerian, disappeared after leaving Mostaganem on 25 December 2022 with 19 other people. His family has been looking for him ever since.

Juba Messouaf

He left Oran for Almeria in a boat with between 13 and 21 people on 29 October 2021. His family has been looking for him ever since.

Abdrahmane Askander Lichani

Young Algerian aged 22 at the time of his disappearance. He disappeared between Tipaza and Cherchell in a boat that left heading for Alicante. His family has been looking for him ever since.

Ibrahim Medjidi

He left Madegh beach in Oran (Algeria) in a zodiac on the night of March 24 2021. His family is still looking for him.

Tahar Mohamed Mahmoudi Bouziani

Since he disappeared in Oran in January 2021, his family has been looking for him. He has a tattoo on his left chest in the shape of a heart.

Aziz Echikhe

In the early hours of 24 July, eleven people, including Aziz and a minor, set off on a journey on the Algerian route. Since then, their whereabouts have been unknown to their families.

Kouider Daoujadi Khaled

Khaled left in a boat with eight men and a woman bounded to Spain. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

Djahida Meziani

Nineteen-year-old Djahida called her father repeatedly during the boat crossing. However, she eventually lost the signal. Despite rumours that they were rescued by the Moroccan authorities, neither she nor the other ten people on board have been heard from again.

Kechai Nourddine

His wife claims that Nourddine left on a boat with about eighteen people for Spain. He has not been heard from since.

Mouna Brahim

A twenty-seven-year-old Algerian set off in a dinghy from the Algerian town of Mostaganem. Among the thirteen people on board was a sixteen-year-old minor. His mother claims that a woman with a Moroccan accent answered Brahim’s phone. However, they still do not know if he survived.

Koudji Mehdi

A young Algerian man, his sister from France was worried about his health: Mehdi is diabetic. After getting on a boat in Tipaza (Algeria), he and the thirteen people (including two women) who accompanied him were never heard from again. Rumours played on the families’ hopes that they had arrived in Cartagena, but the truth is that Mehdi has not yet shown any signs of life.

Abbou Abdenour

Abbou’s brother claims that Abbou was travelling in a dinghy with 16 other people. According to his information, they left the Mostaganem area (Algeria), and two survivors were rescued by Maritime Rescue 50 kilometres from Almeria. However, there is no trace of the other 15, including Abbou.

Mogidish Sherif Mohamed Sofiane

Her sister only knows that Mohamed Sofiane set off from the Algerian coast looking for a better life. Not knowing who he was on the boat with, she had no information on the whereabouts of her missing brother.