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Samuel Kabamba

Samuel was a four-year-old boy who appeared dead on a beach in Barbate (Cádiz, Spain). He was the youngest brother of the six that made up the family. Her mother Veronique applied for visas on several occasions to treat Samuel for his heart problems in Europe, as well as the cancer that she suffered. After having it denied, Veronique and little Samuel were forced to risk their lives in a boat. Both died in a tragedy on the Strait route on January 14, 2017. Veronique’s body reached the Algerian coast.

Learn more about his story and their family’s fight for justice: “Little Samuel”

In press: https://www.eldiario. en/desalambre/minor-patera-strait-cadaver-Barbate_0_607189473.html

Mwembo Riziki Salma – Cynthia

Mwembo Riziki Salma, nicknamed Cynthia, is Congolese. She disappeared on 26 September 2021 in Mauritania. Her family has been looking for her ever since.

Veronique Kabamba

Woman of Congolese origin whose body was found on the Algerian coast. She was traveling with her son Samuel , whose body was found on the beach in Barbate (Cádiz, Spain). Veronique had applied for a visa on several occasions to treat her cancer in Europe, as well as to treat Samuel for the heart problems he suffered. After having it denied, she was forced to risk her life in a boat with her little one child.

Get to know hier story and her family’s fight for justice in depth: “Little Samuel”

In press: https://www.eldiario.es/desalambre/menor-patera-estrecho-cadaver-Barbate_0_607189473.html