Report reconstructing the tragedy on 6 February 2014 and compiling witness accounts

Today, Ca-minando Fronteras published its report on the tragedy on 6 February 2014, which aims to reconstruct the events and compile witness accounts.

The report presents the stories of survivors and victims and reconstructs the tragedy as reliably as possible, supporting other investigations that are being carried out by the authorities and civil society organisations.

It contains accounts from the people who attempted to reach Tarajal Beach on 6 February 2014. Their personal details have been omitted but can be supplied upon request from the judicial authorities if they are needed to clarify the events that took place.

The report is not intended to determine individual liability, but instead to recount the stories we have been told and to identify the victims.

Read the report here:

Español: Informe Tarajal Marzo – 2014 -SN–2

Francés: Informe Tarajal Francés Marzo – 2014 -SN- copia