SOS: Larisa is missing

After several days with no news, Estelle began to worry about what had happened to her sister. She travelled from Switzerland to Algeciras, fearing the worst: Larisa had fallen victim to the negligence of the rescue services, which had failed to come to her rescue.

Little Samuel

Few have heard of Samuel, a four-year-old boy from Congo whose body was washed up on the beach in Barbate (Cádiz). Several days later, his mother’s body was found hundreds of kilometres away on an Algerian beach. His father was able to travel from Congo to bury them.

Mbene’s body

Mbene’s brother was able to confirm his sister’s death when her body washed up on the Spanish coast. Mbene had gone missing while attempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. 


Kourotum and her son were unable to board the same vessel. After surviving the Canary Islands route, Kourotum waited for months for Souleyman to appear.

Tarajal: transforming pain into justice

On 6 February 2014, 14 people lost their lives as they attempted to reach Spain when the Spanish authorities attacked them using riot gear. Their families launched an unprecedented mobilisation to transform their deep sorrow into justice.

In hope of finding Mariam

Mariam went missing on a boat, along with all her travel companions. Her husband began to search for her immediately in the hope of finding her alive.