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Lydie Dian

She disappeared on her way from Tan tan to Dakhla on 7 November 2022. Since then her family and friends have been waiting to hear from her.

Amadou Wurry Jallow

Since he left Dakhla on 28th May with 36 other people, his family has not heard from him.

Alpha Oumar Kaba

He was known by the nickname “Le Géant”. The exact date of his disappearance is unknown and no one knew he was travelling. His friends last saw him in Dakhla, but do not know if he left from there. His brother and friends have been looking for him ever since.

Yappi Rodrigue

Since he last spoke to his family on 21 November 2020, he has not been heard from again. His wife and sister continue to search for him, knowing that he was on board a boat that left Dakhla and disappeared on 22 November.

Takouleu Noussi Romeo

He left with thirty-one or fifty-nine people on one of the two boats that left at the same time. His older sister is looking for him.

Bontouraby Sylla

She left in a boat with twenty-nine other people at eight o’clock in the evening. After three weeks, one person survived and was rescued in Mauritania. Her godmother has been looking for her since her disappearance.

Soumahoro Assata

“Help me, I don’t know what to do,” said her fiancé. He had paid her for a trip to buy goods in Abidjan-Casablanca so she could resell them in the country, but she did not know that she would try to cross to Spain from Morocco. Her specific date of disappearance is unknown. She was on a boat that disappeared in March 2020 with around thirty-four and thirty-six people.

Donzo Ferebory

His family alleges that he may have set sail on a boat bound for the Canary Islands between 14 and 17 February 2020. Since then, he has been missing.

Aminata Kante

Since she left Dakhla on 14 February 2020 with 25 other people, her family has not heard from her.

Soumahoro Makoko

She was in the city of Dakhla to head to the Canary Islands. Since her disappearance on Christmas Eve 2019, her brother has been unsure whether his sister could have lost her life at sea.

Toure Fatoumata

Fatoumata was travelling on the Canary Islands route. His boat left on 18 December 2019. On that day, several boats were rescued by the rescue services. However, she never showed any sign of life.