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Mamadou Ouattara “Oustaz”

Mamadou Ouattara “Oustaz” disappeared in Laayoune on 4 february 2023. His family has been looking for him ever since.

Lydie Dian

She disappeared on her way from Tan tan to Dakhla on 7 November 2022. Since then her family and friends have been waiting to hear from her.

Milani Dah

Milani disappeared in early 2021 in Nador. His family has been looking for him ever since.

Koné Abdoul

The 29-year-old embarked somewhere in Morocco on 22 November 2020 with thirty-four other people. On that day, he had the last communication with his family, who have been looking for him ever since.

Bri Odio Ange Christelle

Her sister has been looking for her ever since the boat she was on with 59 other people disappeared.

Kacou Simon

Kacou is Ivorian. His sister has hardly any information about his disappearance. The last time she saw him alive was in a video where Kacou appeared to walk in a forest. He may have tried to cross to Spain by boat, but the information is unclear.

Aminata Kante

Since she left Dakhla on 14 February 2020 with 25 other people, her family has not heard from her.

Soumahoro Makoko

She was in the city of Dakhla to head to the Canary Islands. Since her disappearance on Christmas Eve 2019, her brother has been unsure whether his sister could have lost her life at sea.

Toure Fatoumata

Fatoumata was travelling on the Canary Islands route. His boat left on 18 December 2019. On that day, several boats were rescued by the rescue services. However, she never showed any sign of life.

Kanaté Souleyman

Twelve-year-old boy who went missing, along with the rest of the people, in a small boat sailing the Canary Islands route. His mother and sister, who arrived in Las Palmas in another boat, never saw him alive again.

Sy Amadou

His sister contacted him for the last time at 8 pm on the evening of November 23rd. Amadou claimed to have left with 72 people in a boat to cross the Alboran Sea.

Cissé Vakaba

Cissé set out to cross the Alboran Sea on December 19th, 2018. Since that day, his sister has had no contact with him. She fears that he may have lost his life at sea, but no one has been able to confirm it.

Boubou Sylla

The young Ivorian was travelling in a boat with his brother and 57 other people. After being shipwrecked, the rescued survivors were taken to Melilla and Motril. His brother searched in both cities, without having found him to date.


Larisa was the smallest of all the siblings. She worked as a hairdresser in the Ivory Coast and her personal ambitions made her travel to Morocco to try her luck. Her presence made people nickname her “little star”, because wherever she went she surrounded herself with many friends. They define her as affectionate and sociable, although they also highlight her great character: “there was no way to make her change her mind,” they declare.